Seeds of South Australia

The Seeds of South Australia website is actively being developed.
Images and data are continuously being added for South Australian plant species.

South Australian Seed Conservation Centre

The South Australian Seed Conservation Centre was established by the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide in 2002. For more than a decade the Centre has been helping to conserve South Australia's threatened plant species and support on ground restoration. So far over 200 million seeds have been collected and stored, including seeds from nearly 70% of the States threatened flora.

Seeds are the primary building blocks that allow landowners and practitioners to restore and revegetate degraded environments. However collection and utilisation of Australian native seeds for this purpose is severely constrained by a limited understanding and poor knowledge base about technologies and fundamentals relating to the seed biology of Australian native plants. It is only within the last 20 years that scientists have discovered the use of smoked water as a germination tool and started to understand the role that fire plays in the natural recruitment process.

Even though there has been significant progress in understanding the seed biology of our plants, the germination requirements for nearly 80% of Australia's native plant species that deposit seeds into the soil remain a mystery. This information needs to be determined and made publicly accessible.

We hope that in time, this resource will help bridge this knowledge gap and can be used to support effective community and industry based restoration projects that are needed to facilitate the re-creation of functional and compositionally sustainable ecosystems across the South Australian landscape.

Database statistics

This database contains 116 families, 615 genera and 2,665 species with 15,813 images.
The last update of this system occurred on the 20th February 2017.

Collecting at Arckaringa Hills2, Arckaringa, 4-12 October 2010
Santalum acuminatum fruit 1Arckaringa Hills, Arckaringa, 4-12 October 2010
Clematis microphylla MKJ14 seeds (2)