Nature’s Seeds as Art
Photographed by the South Australian Seed Conservation Centre
Images prepared using a Leica stereoscopic photomicroscope equiped with a scientific digital camera and an LED ring light. It is controlled by the Leica Application Suite V4 software that features the latest generation of extended focal imaging through a motorized z-stacking feature. The original images are 2560 × 1920 pixels.
Click on the left-hand thumbnail to display the medium quality image on the right-hand side
and mouse-over that image to invoke the magnifier to view more detail.
Pandorea pandorana
Calotis breviradiata
Calotis cymbacantha
Stellaria angustifolia
Brachyscome dentata
Logania crassifolia
Eleocharis acuta
Rutidosis helichrysoides
ssp. helichrysoides
Goodenia calcarata
Eryngium supinum
Acaena ovina
Rumex brownii
Calytrix tetragona
Erodium crinitum
Minuria gardneri
Neurachne aloecuroidea
Rytidosperma duttonianum
Taraxacum cygnorum