Seeds of South Australia

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The Australian Government, in association with state and territory governments, has identified 56 regions covering all of Australia and each are based on catchments or bioregions. In South Australia there are eight Natural Resource Management regions.

Select one of the eight regions for a list of species that are found in that area. For further information on the Natural Resource Management regions boundaries, visit  South Australian Natural Resource Management regions.

  1. Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges
  2. Alinytjara Wilurara
  3. Eyre Peninsula
  4. Kangaroo Island
  5. Northern and Yorke
  6. South Australian Arid Lands
  7. South Australian Murray-Darling Basin
  8. South East

Dan with Grevillea parallelinervis, Hiltaba, Aug 2017
Anemocarpa podolepis Arckaringa Hills, Arckaringa, 4-12 October 2010
Goodenia calcarata KHB428 Seeds