Seeds of South Australia

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These are the thirteen regions adopted by the  South Australian State Herbarium Centre  for organising the distributions of plant species in their collection.

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  1. North Western
  2. Lake Eyre
  3. Nullarbor
  4. Gairdner-Torrens
  5. Flinders Ranges
  6. Eastern
  7. Eyre Peninsula
  8. Northern Lofty
  9. Murray
  10. Yorke Peninsula
  11. Southern Lofty
  12. Kangaroo Island
  13. South Eastern

Salt Lake on Birdsville Track, Birsville, 24-30 September 2011
Ptilotus sessiliflorus Ingomar, Ingomar, 26-27 April 2011
Nicotiana excelsior MJT438 seeds