Seeds of South Australia

Seed identification key

A simple and easy-to-use key to help identify species from seeds using physical features such as seed size, colour, shape, texture and appendages. 

For each seed feature, select from the drop down list the one that best match the seed you wish to identify. Use a magnifying glass if available to get a closer look at your seed. If you are not sure of any of the features, select unknown.

The result will not return a perfect match of your seed but will return a number of species that best match what you selected from the list of features. The resulted species list may not match your seed because it has not been entered into the database or your seed maybe from an introducted species.

Seed key
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Kieran with Sida phraeotricha, Mount Illbillee, July 2017
Eremophila rotundifolia Moonaree1, Mount Finke Ooldea, 2-6 November 2009
Minuria multiseta DJD3026 Achenes