Seeds of South Australia
Eremophila glabra ssp. murrayana (Myoporaceae)
Murray Emubush
List of species for Eremophila
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Herbarium region:
NRM region:
South Australian Murray-Darling Basin
IBRA region
South Olary Plain (MDD01)Murray Darling Depression
 Near Threatened
Murray Mallee (MDD02) 
 Near Threatened   [undercollected]
Lowan Mallee (MDD04) 
 Data Deficient
RSCA map:
Regional Species Conservation Assessments per IBRA subregion. Please click the thumbnail map.
AVH map:
Australian distribution map (external link)
SA Census:
Census of South Australian plants (external link)     [genus Eremophila]
Name derivation:
Greek 'eremophiles' loving solitude or desert and Latin 'glaber' smooth, hairless and 'murrayana' found in the Murray region, named after Sir George Murray, Secretary of State for the Colonies in the British Government in 1830.
Widespread throughout the Murray lands in South Australia. Common in mallee systems on red clay loams over limestone or on low sand dunes and interdune flats adjacent to the Murray River and lake systems adjacent to the Darling River.
Plant description:
Low growing spreading shrub 0.15–0.5 m high sometimes taller. Branches sparsely to densely stellate-pubescent or hairs long and villous, obscurely glandular-papillate, resinous in sparsely hairy forms
Fruit type:
Fruit ovoid, slightly compressed towards apex, 5.5–7 mm long, 4.2–6 mm wide