Seeds of South Australia
Grevillea ilicifolia ssp. ilicifolia (Proteaceae)
Native Holly
List of species for Grevillea
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Herbarium regions:
Flinders Ranges, Eyre Peninsula, Northern Lofty, Murray, Yorke Peninsula, Southern Lofty, Kangaroo Island, South Eastern
NRM regions:
Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges, Eyre Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Northern and Yorke, South Australian Arid Lands, South Australian Murray-Darling Basin, South East
IBRA regions
Bridgewater (NCP01)Naracoorte Coastal Plain
 Near Threatened   [T Horn has more records, needs more records]
Lucindale (NCP03) 
 Rare   (IUCN: RA d(ii))   [edge of range, in Desert Camp]
Tintinara (NCP04) 
 Least Concern
Kangaroo Island (KAN01)Kanmantoo
 Least Concern   [For KI, dilatata & ssp ilicifolia are rated as one]
Fleurieu (KAN02) 
 Rare   (IUCN: RA d(ii))
Mount Lofty Ranges (FLB01)Flinders Lofty Block
 Endangered   (IUCN: EN B2ab(i,ii,iii); D)   (Probable Decline)   [lots of genetically different & disjunct pops of this species; likes loamy soils; no well-conserved area]
Broughton (FLB02) 
 Vulnerable   (IUCN: VU C2a(i))   (Probable Decline)
Olary Spur (FLB03) 
 Critically Endangered   (IUCN: CR D)   [totally grazed]
Southern Flinders (FLB04) 
 Rare   (IUCN: RA d(i,ii))
Southern Yorke (EYB01)Eyre Yorke Block
 Rare   (IUCN: RA d(ii))   [good quality blocks, grazed by sheep]
St Vincent (EYB02) 
 Vulnerable   (IUCN: VU C2a(i))   (Probable Decline)   [small populations. High rainfall mallee, dry woodland species ]
Eyre Hills (EYB03) 
 Least Concern
Talia (EYB04) 
 Near Threatened
Eyre Mallee (EYB05) 
 Least Concern
Murray Mallee (MDD02)Murray Darling Depression
 Vulnerable   (IUCN: VU B1ab(i,ii,iii))   (Probable Decline)   [no survey records]
Murray Lakes and Coorong (MDD03) 
 Near Threatened   [undercollected]
Lowan Mallee (MDD04) 
 Rare   (IUCN: RA d(ii))   [could be more records; could be another species]
IBRA regions
3 of 4 subregionsNaracoorte Coastal PlainLeast Concern
, Near Threatened
, Rare
2 of 2 subregionsKanmantooLeast Concern
, Rare
4 of 6 subregionsFlinders Lofty BlockRare
, Vulnerable
, Endangered
, Critically Endangered
5 of 5 subregionsEyre Yorke BlockLeast Concern
, Near Threatened
, Rare
, Vulnerable
3 of 6 subregionsMurray Darling DepressionNear Threatened
, Rare
, Vulnerable
RSCA map:
Regional Species Conservation Assessments per IBRA subregion. Please click the thumbnail map.
AVH map:
Australian distribution map (external link)
SA Census:
Census of South Australian plants (external link)     [genus Grevillea]
Name derivation:
'Grevillea' after Charles F. Greville (1749-1809) a the co-founder of the Royal Horticultural Society and 'ilicifolia' holly-like leaves.
Grows in deep sand, sand overlying limestone, clay flats and swampy depressions, in sclerophyllous heath or woodland.
Plant description:
Spreading to prostrate shrub, 0.3–2 m high. Leaves 3–9 cm long, 2.5–6 cm wide, divided or rarely some entire, usually with 3–7 triangular to ovate teeth or lobes 0.5–5 cm long, 4–8 mm wide. Inflorescences secund, 2–5 cm long. Perianth green-cream to grey or mauve, Gynoecium usually 20–25 mm long; ovary densely hairy; style pink to red, glabrous, pollen presenter erect to oblique. Flowering August - November.
Fruit type:
Follicle obliquely ovoid compressed, 10-14 mm long, hairy with reddish brown stripes or blotches.