Seeds of South Australia
Oxalis pes-caprae (Oxalidaceae)
List of species for Oxalis
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Herbarium regions:
Flinders Ranges, Eyre Peninsula, Northern Lofty, Murray, Yorke Peninsula, Southern Lofty, Kangaroo Island, South Eastern
NRM regions:
Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges, Eyre Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Northern and Yorke, South Australian Arid Lands, South Australian Murray-Darling Basin, South East
AVH map:
Australian distribution map (external link)
SA Census:
Census of South Australian plants (external link)     [genus Oxalis]
Name derivation:
Latin pes meaning foot and caprae meaning goat and refers to the goat foot shape of the folding and deeply lobed leaflets
Seed collecting:
Not known to set seed in Australia.