Seeds of South Australia
Stylidium tepperianum (Stylidiaceae)
Tepper's Trigger-plant
List of species for Stylidium
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Seed collecting:
October to November
Herbarium region:
Kangaroo Island
NRM region:
Kangaroo Island
IBRA region
Kangaroo Island (KAN01)Kanmantoo
 Rare   (IUCN: RA d(ii))   [endemic]
RSCA map:
Regional Species Conservation Assessments per IBRA subregion. Please click the thumbnail map.
AVH map:
Australian distribution map (external link)
SA Census:
Census of South Australian plants (external link)     [genus Stylidium]
Seed collecting:
In 2016 a second provenance collection was achieved for a population at D'Estrees Bay on Kangaroo island with the support of the Australian Seed Bank Partnership.
Seeds stored:
LocationNo. of seeds
(weight grams)
of plants
Collection number
Collection location
% ViabilityStorage
6040 (0.3124 g)
6040 (0.3124 g)
2789-Jan-2004PJA 82
Kangaroo Island
14-Aug-2006100%+5°C, -18°C
Location: BGA — the seeds are stored at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, MSB — the seeds are stored at the Millennium Seed Bank, Kew, England.
Number of plants: This is the number of plants from which the seeds were collected.
Collection location: The Herbarium of South Australia's region name.
% Viability: Percentage of filled healthy seeds determined by a cut test or x-ray.